It's a new year and it's a brand new decade. 

How do you want your life story to read?

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Driving Ambition: A Love Story

Re: Clout Et Cetera Blog Post

Hi Jude....... loved loved loved your story about cars, driving and the "feeling" one gets on the open road. I too adore road trips. A day, a weekend, a month. No matter. Just get me behind the wheel. Even now with GPS built into my iPhone, I still have a love affair with paper maps ! I have a lousy sense of direction, so taking that road less travelled just enhances the experience of discovery for me. There is always a picnic basket loaded with goodies on the back seat too. And never ever without a bag of good old fashioned Hawkins Cheezies. Thanks for writing this blog Jude - it brought back some good "feelings" reading it !

_Barbara Corder, Owner & Curator of Treasures Boutique, Steveston, British Columbia


"If you're looking for a change in your life you will definitely be provoked to give it a jump start after a coaching session with Clout Et Cetera's founder & leader, Jude Gorgopa. Jude is dynamic and full of energy! She is also a sensitive and caring human being. Her trend classes lead you throughout the city of New York, looking at fashion, lifestyles, and social scenes in a whole new way. You'll never look at the city or yourself in the same way again!"

_Mariel Fernandez, innovative jewelry designer


" As a former designer turned teacher, I was hopeful that Jude would help me update my trend spotting skills...which she did and more!....her professional knowledge and expertise gives her the savvy to speak intelligently about what's cool in New York, from mass-market to newly emerging creative talent."

_Linda I. Cohen, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Fashion Institute of Technology and Parsons School of Design, NYC.

"Hi Jude, this is Fernanda (a student from Brazil)

I would like to take this chance to thank and congratulate you for being such a remarkable teacher. And also thank you for your kindness and knowledge in your excellent teaching skills, which you have passed down to me. I learned a lot from you, and the sentence “JUST DO IT” that you used to say is always on my mind pushing me forward to do things. I loved your stories and also the great advice you gave, they were inspiring for me. And I’m so happy that I got my dream job with your help in my resume and cover letter, I really appreciated that! It has been great 6 weeks with you! I really hope you can continue to be inspiring for your students, just like you were for me. I wish you the best always!" 

From Maika (a student from Japan)

I like Jude's (your) lessons very much.Thank you for giving me motivation and great knowledge and experiences.Your lessons and you make me happy every time!