It's a new year and it's a brand new decade. 

How do you want your life story to read?

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The Fundamentals of Clout Consulting & Coaching:

Light Bulb Sessions

Light Bulb Sessions

Switch It On!

Have a great business idea but don't know where to start? Do you need to rebrand, adjust your attitude, reinvent your current business, or change direction? Can't figure out what's blocking you? Whatever the issue, a one hour intensive & affordable Light Bulb Session with Jude could be the answer. You'll also find out if you need further help and what resources you might need to get you where you want to go.

From a small business startup...After meeting with Jude (for a Light Bulb Session), my partner and I feel confident in the direction we are headed. She gave us very useful resources in order to dive right into the business model we proposed. Her attitude was realistic, yet positive and her own experiences (as a business owner) are definitely a good resource as well. Jude inspires young women to take charge of their ideas!..

                                                     Zoe Johnson & Stephanie Osei

                                                           Millenial Entrepreneurs

Time For A Change!

(Re)Inventing Your Wheel: 

Time for a Change? From the inside out you can accomplish important learned skills such as: Become a more masterful leader or trainer and a more effective communicator. Create, reinvent, or improve a business along with your personal (re)branding. Change your career path and simplify your life in the process. Discover new opportunities by simply looking at everything in a different way. 

These custom designed coaching sessions are more intensive than Light Bulb sessions and can be booked as a series depending on your needs.

It's A New World Out There.

Are You Ready For It? TM

E.Q. For Everyday:

Understand yourself and you’ll understand others. In today's world, EQ is a critical skill for success. Learn how emotional intelligence and self-awareness can improve both personal and work relationships. Discover how you really come across to others and enhance your leadership & training skills. Have more productive conversations, curb conflict, and improve your sales & customer service. 

Personal Style (Re)Branding: Create a captivating personal style brand and image online & off with powerful and lasting first impressions including more effective communications. Learn essentials such as the basics of critical conversations, understanding body language, and how to be a more confident & compelling speaker. 

Bookings: Basic individual rates start at $75. + GST per hour and are determined by type of service, time, materials, and preparation involved. All services may be booked hourly as individual coaching or consulting sessions, including speaking engagements. You may also book customized workshops or seminars for your group, company, or school. 

Please Contact Us to determine and design the best plan for you. 

Authentic Work Ethic