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Beginning September 2018, Jude will be teaching CWE classes at ILAC International College in downtown Vancouver preparing international students with the skills they need for the Canadian workplace.

An Intro to Personal Style Branding & Powerful First Impressions: 

You Are Your Best Advertising!

Are you frustrated with your job search? Is networking not working or new clients and referrals difficult to come by? Whatever you're doing, either socially or professionally, others first impressions of you can literally make or break your progress. Learn the skills you need to succeed such as captivating your audience, improving your communications on and offline, and getting your emails answered. Find out why it's more critical than ever to develop your own style brand to stand out from the crowd. Go beyond just getting noticed and be remembered!      

This seminar was featured in the Fall 2016, Winter 2017, & Spring 2018  sessions at the West End Community Centre in Vancouver, B.C..

"I learned from this class that first impressions can make a significant difference; the way you communicate, the way you carry yourself and even the colors of clothing that you wear can make an impact on others. Great class to attend if you're ready to learn what Jude will teach you!" 

Nicki Zamora, 

Head Chef @ Field and Social, 

Vancouver, B.C.

"Take Jude's "Intro to Personal Style Branding and Powerful First Impressions Class" if you're ready to revamp your personal style and have an introspective look at yourself. Jude teaches you what your body language and clothing are saying about you. She helps you understand the perspectives of others and helps develop your emotional intelligence. She teaches you how to illicit responses from others in the professional world both in person and in writing. Jude utilizes her fine tuned communication skills, personal stories of reference and captivates and engages the room for a fun day of personal growth."

Shaelene Courtney

Registered Psychiatric Nurse
Vancouver, BC

Fundamentals of Clout: An intro to EQ 

Have you ever wondered how you come across to people or why you react emotionally the way you do? As humans we tend to feel first and think later. Find out what EQ is and how developing empathy can greatly improve relationships in your life, your business, and your career. Learn how to recognize motives and identify personal perceptions that might prejudice your thoughts and decision making. Minimize stress and burnout. This seminar will help you understand the basics of Emotional Intelligence for use in specific areas of your business, work, & everyday life. Great for managers, teachers, trainers, coaches, sales professionals, healthcare workers and...just about everyone else!

This seminar was featured at the West End Community Centre for the Fall 2016 & Winter 2017 sessions and in May, 2017 for a group of teachers at Liceo Boston located in Bogota, Colombia.

"Jude led an engaging and relevant workshop on emotional intelligence & self awareness for our staff team at Liceo Boston. I was impressed with the way she connected with the teachers and brought humor to her presentation. 

The strategies she provided were very useful and several members of our team commented that they believed Jude's workshop would be an excellent addition to our beginning of the year staff training. 

They also expressed that the information and strategizing Jude provided helped them with both their own teaching practices and their relationships with their young pupils' parents."

Terra McKenzie

 Principal, Lower School

Liceo Boston,

Suba, Bogota Columbia

Instructor: Jude L. Gorgopa, reinvention consultant, multi-certified coach, and Founder of Clout Et Cetera & The Fundamentals of Clout with over 20 years of international experience.

If you are interested in booking Jude for a presentation at your school, business, or organization, contact us at 778-984-2768 or email [email protected] For more options, go to our Services page.