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About Clout Et Cetera & The Fundamentals of Clout

Jude L. Gorgopa, Founder of Clout Et Cetera


As a published author, multi-certified coach, and award winning business owner, Jude is passionate about helping people reinvent and re-brand themselves and businesses inside and out at any age while guiding and inspiring them through a successful course of change. Self-employed for most of her adult life, Jude has successfully transitioned her career and lifestyle across countries and diverse professions  from the arts (film, television and stage) to professional image and personal branding development, to producing and hosting networking/fundraising events & working as a volunteer for an animal rescue group, to serving on boards, to creating internationally renowned seminars and coaching workshops for NYU, FIT, and Baruch College. Jude has also acted as a mentor for individuals such as small business owners, adult college students, and young minority women. In addition, she has been a small business advisor, and has facilitated professional mastermind groups.

Along with writing articles, promotional & training materials, and speaking professionally for a variety of venues, she has been interviewed & quoted on radio & TV, and for several publications, such as Real Simple and Daily News. Along with her coaching activities and consulting services, she had been at the forefront of providing affordable health care and other insurance benefits for a decade to her clients as an independent broker, consultant, and advocate. At that time Jude, who was also a top producer, recruited and trained several award winning sales teams.  She founded Clout Et Cetera Inc. in 2001 in NYC and has since worked with hundreds of people over the years particularly the self-employed and small to mid-sized businesses along with anyone else looking to change or improve their status quo.

 Her eBook, The Fundamentals of Clout: Powerful First Impressions with Personal Style Basics, was joined by a second volume, The Fundamentals of Clout: Communication Tips For A New World…Unplug, Turn-0ff, & Tune In available for sale on Amazon and other eBook sites worldwide. (Visit our Books page for details.) Her first published handbook, The Power of Personal Style, had been discovered by Vantage Point Productions in L.A. and subsequently pitched to the Style Channel network as a possible series, Inside Out, with Jude as a co-producer and on camera presenter. Her latest big move was a relocation from Manhattan to Vancouver, Canada in August, 2014.                                                             

Most recently, Jude worked as a volunteer on a Canadian Federal election campaign, became a board member on the Executive Board of Fair Vote Canada, Vancouver and is an active Ambassador for the Mental Health Commission of Canada. She also co-hosted First Mondays, a networking and support group that met the first Monday of each month in the West End of Vancouver.

Jude has been dubbed by many clients, students, and associates over the years as 'the source' for ... "getting some clout to get anything done! … a highly motivating and inspiring speaker...she has a contagious energy and enthusiasm!"

Simplicity is the ultimate form of  sophistication.