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Definition: clout [ klowt ]

Power and Influence: the power to direct, shape, or otherwise influence things.

Synonyms: influence, power, pull, authority, weight, sway, effectiveness.

It's a new world out there. Are you ready for it?TM

Clout Et Cetera & The Fundamentals of Clout, founded in 2001, offers consulting, coaching, & training sessions that provide the guidance and essential tools to help make those necessary changes to get from here to there. Topics include personal style branding, essential sales & customer service trainingEQ-emotional intelligence, creating powerful & memorable first impressions along with more effective & compelling communications online & in-person. 

You are your best advertising!

Whatever you aspire to...reinvent an existing business, change your career, define your core values, be a more effective trainer, or adjust your perceptions, you will inevitably discover your true motive and purpose in the process.

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