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Definition: clout [ klowt ]

power and influence: the power to direct, shape, or otherwise influence things.

Synonyms: influence, power, pull, authority, weight, sway, effectiveness.

We get so much information on a daily basis that we tend to lose our common sense. What we need to recognize is often right in front of us yet we can be too distracted to notice. Although there are no magic formulas, with a few adjustments meaningful, positive change can be easier than you might think.

It starts here. The Fundamentals of Clout combines a unique blend of coaching, training, & resources including reinventing your business, sales training, more effective communications, powerful first impressions, & personal style branding online and off. Learn to look at things in a different way and redefine worn-out meanings of success. It's a new world out there. Are you ready for it?

Be Yourself. Everyone else is already taken.