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Definition: clout [ klowt ]

Power and Influence: the power to direct, shape, or otherwise influence things.

Synonyms: influence, power, pull, authority, weight, sway, effectiveness.

It's a new world out there. Are you ready for it?TM

You are your best advertising! Founded in 2001 in NYC and now based in Vancouver, Clout Et Cetera and the 

Fundamentals of Clout offers consulting, coaching, training seminars, workshops, or private individual sessions covering today's essential topics such as personal style (re)branding, sales & customer service training 101, and EQ-emotional intelligence. 


Who can benefit? Sales professionals, teachers, graduates, managers, sole props, trainers, business owners, actors or anyone looking to change, reinvent, or improve not only their status quo but also their focus, productivity, first impressions, and presentation skills.

What do you aspire to? From the inside out you can accomplish those important changes along with defining

your motives and core values, adjusting your perceptions,

finding a new purpose and simplifying your life in the process. 

In today‚Äôs world, the rate of change has never been more rapid or constant. Whether the change is a large reinvention or a small shift, the way that it's managed makes all the difference to its success or failure. 

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Go to our services page for coaching & training information. You can also check out the latest seminar updates and testimonials on the events page. Available for speaking engagements.

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